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Highlights απο το Cyprus Comic Con 2019 απο την NG Productions

Η NG Productions κυκλοφόρησε την νέα της παραγωγή με highlights απο το φετινό Cyprus Comic Con!
Απο το κανάλι της NG PRODUCTIONS:

This is the aftermovie/highlights video from this year’s Cyprus Comic Con which took place on 20-21st of April, 2019. It took a while to release, but it’s finally here. Project


► Shooting (15+ hrs), Editing, *Visual FX/Animation, Color Correction/Grading, *Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering & **Soundtrack(s) SOLO by NGP *Some royalty free SFX and a small percentage of visual overlays were used, so credit goes out to those creators as well. ** Score soundtrack(s) (incl. the beat at the end) were made from scratch by NGP.

► *Software used: Adobe Premiere (editing/audio mastering) Adobe After Effects (VFX) Cubase (for soundtracks/scores & sound design/mix) *for timelines and before/after comparisons visit my official Instagram account @ ntotheg_ngp

► Equipment used: This video was shot on a A7III and a Sony 90mm Macro lens. Yes, I used a macro lens for this whole video -.^

► Special thanks to the people who helped me figure out some of the characters from the event, so I can choose the proper SFX on to each character showed.

► Socials: ● Follow NGP on Instagram ntotheg_ngp ● Visit www.NtotheG.com for more content. ● For business inquiries, contact NGP via email at ngproductions0@gmail.com

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